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The project embraces women's activism and feminism in all of its diversity and contradictions including
advocates of equal rights, equal opportunity, women's liberation, social, radical, lesbian and liberal feminism,
and it will take a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-racial approach to movement issues. It will also consider
the work of women artists, theologians, and other cultural leaders who created a revolution in many areas of
American life.

As a result we need your help identifying resources and gathering information. If you have materials to share, please fill out and submit one of the forms listed below.

- If you participated in women's movements fpr change and have experiences, information, contacts and/or archival materials that you would like to share please fill out and submit this form.

- If you are an archivist and have relevant resources in your repository, please fill out and
submit this form.

- If you are interested in helping with the project and have experience or skills that you think would be useful, please fill out and submit this form. 

"Documenting Women’s Activism and Leadership
in Chicago, 1945-2000"

We Need Your Help!

CWHC’s current project, "Documenting Women's Activism and Leadership in Chicago, 1945-2000",
is identifying and preserving resources to document women’s contributions during this period, with
a particular emphasis on the Chicago women’s movement of the 1960s - 1980s. This grassroots
effort brings together scholars, archivists, activists and community leaders to uncover hidden material that will be used to update the research we undertook in producing Women Building Chicago, A Biographical Dictionary, 1970-1990.   
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We'd love to hear from you!  Let us know if you have questions or information to share. For membership information follow the link above.

           Supporting Chicago Women's History through Research, Preservation and Public Education