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Documenting Women’s Activism and Leadership
in Chicago, 1945-2000

Project Components

"Documenting Women's Activism and Leadership in the Chicago Area, 1945-2000" will provide the first comprehensive survey of significant Chicago area personalities, issues, organizations, actions, institutions, legislative initiatives and cultural innovations that contributed to change during this exciting period in the city's history. CWHC will serve as a central registry and archival depository for information and resources for the study of Chicago women's activism during this period. For more information about the project 

The project will:

1. Provide a fully-accessible, online database that will identify information and archival resources for the study of the women's activism in the Chicago area

2. Conduct and make accessible oral history interviews with Chicago women activist from the period.

3. Collect and make accessible archival resources that are unavailable in other repositories.

3. Encourage private individuals with large collections to donate their papers to permanent repositories  

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           Supporting Chicago Women's History through Research, Preservation and Public Education