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Photos by: R.Edde and Karen Kring
Sara M. Evans
Mary Jean Collins
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Kathryn Tecza paricipates  in discussion 

Documenting Women’s Activism and Leadership
in Chicago, 1945-2000

Project Launch

The Chicago Women's History Center kicked off its new project, "Documenting the Women's Movement in Chicago, 1960s-1980s," with an inaugural program and a standing-room only crowd at the Chicago History Museum. For more photos of the event.  For information about the program and speakers.

Over 160 attendees including historians, archivists, movement leaders, organizers, activists, media professionals, oral interviewers, and many others, participate in a lively discussion about the new project and unique aspects of Chicago's women's movement. Sara M. Evans, historian, and Mary Jean Collins, activist, were featured speakers along with Elizabeth Myers, archivist, and Erin McCarthy, oral historian. A reception, cosponsored by the Veteran Feminists of America, honored movement activists included in Feminists Who Changed America 1963 - 1965.  

Soon after the launch we changed the name of our project to "Documenting Women's Activism and Leadership in the Chicago Area, 1945 - 2000" to reflect recent women's history scholarship that identifies "The Long Women's Movement."  

This project will identify and preserve resources to document women’s contributions during this period, with a particular emphasis on the Chicago women’s movement 1960s - 1980s. This grassroots effort brings together scholars, archivists, activists and community leaders to update the research we undertook in producing Women Building Chicago, A Biographical Dictionary, 1970-1990.   For more information about the project click on the links to the left.

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